Here are answers to questions we get asked the most about how to rent a plane in Canada at PIC Aircraft Rentals. Call us if we can be of assistance. + 1 (604) 465-1414


What are minimum pilot qualifications and experience to rent the floatplane solo?

Pilot’s require a minimum of 125 hour total time, a valid Canadian pilot’s license, and a valid Seaplane Rating

Does the renter need special insurance, or is that included in the rental price?

Insurance is included in the rental price.

What does the floatplane rent for, and are there any minimum hourly requirements per day?

Our hourly rental rates can be viewed on our Aircraft Rental Rates page. Fuel is included in all PIC rates, and there are no fuel surcharges. The minimum rental time is one hour. For full day and multi-day rentals, we require plane to be flown for minimum 4 hours per day.

Do you have restrictions on where the floatplane can be flown solo?

Renters can fly on our 3 local lakes, Harrison Lake, Pitt Lake and Stave Lake. As renters become more advanced, further destinations are considered.

Do I need a Canadian pilot's license?

No, but you will need a valid PPL or CPL from your home country, as well as a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate. You can apply for a Foreign License Validation Certificate (FLVC) before coming to Canada and it will take 2-5 business days. Our friends at Fort Langley Air have a great Guide to Obtaining your FLVC from Transport Canada.  Be sure to reach out and Contact Us if you have more! 

Do you rent planes all year 'round?

We do! Weather permitting, we rent planes in all seasons. In the Lower Mainland, the pacific coastal weather of British Columbia is mild and affords us a 12 month flying season. 

Can I take the plane for the weekend?

We have competitive overnight and standby-time rate packages. We encourage you to book well in advance. Call us on +1 (604) 465-1414 to book. 

What paperwork do I need to bring with me for my rental?

Have a look at our Pilot Documentation page for complete instructions about what to bring with you. Please book ahead, and plan to spend a couple of hours to go through the sign up process and your check flight. Call us on +1 (604) 465-1414 to book.